1. Measure the length of your shoes, then choose the size which has same length as your shoes. If your shoes are bulky, please choose 1 size up.

  2. If you are not sure the length of your shoes, then refer to the size chart here.

Q: I wear a size 9 in women, what size should I order?

A: According to the size chart, you should buy a large. I wear size 7 and bought the Small and it fits perfectly over my shoes.
A: I wear a 10 and I bought the large. I'd say it depends on what shoes you plan to wear under them. When I wear tennis shoes underneath, they are snug. If I wear anything else, there's a lot of extra room.
A: Medium - I'm a 8-8.5 and I use an S with sandals/flats and a M with sneakers

Q: I have a wide foot. The sole of my shoe is 3 inches. how wide is the sole of the shoe cover?

A: Medium size is 4” at middle and tapers to 3.5” at 1” from the heel. In the opposite direction at an inch from the middle of the toe part it tapers to 3”. It fits very comfortable a wide range of shoes.
A: On my size Large the sole is 4 and 1/4 inches wide.

Q: How can I fold my seal shoe covers into its own self-contained pouch?

A: Click this link for a tutorial on how to fold your seals: https://youtu.be/JDBdUfydnPM

Q: What's the size range for S, M, L and XL?

A: The size ranges for the sizes are:

Q: Please provide the calf circumference and what the shaft height is for all sizes?

    Q: I'm a 7.5 with wide feet. Should I order up?

    A: If you are a woman’s 7 ½ the correct size is a Medium and for men it’s a Large, however if your shoes are bulky or to wide, please choose 1 size up.


      Q: If you are a half size, should you order up or down a size?

      A: With the shoe covers a size range is used according to size please refer to the chart below, if the shoe is bulky or to wide than please choose 1 size up

      Q: Are the shoe covers waterproof?

      A: This is a great question; our Seal Shoe Covers are waterproof, and they come in different colors so they can match your outfit and keeping your shoes dry and clean.

      Q: Are these slip resistant?

      A: The Seal Shoe Covers have a nonslip sole helping to keep you safe when walking on wet or slippery surfaces

      Q: Are the covers compatible with orthopedic footwear?

      A: The covers may not be suitable for orthopedic footwear as this tend to be wider than normal shoes, please see our sizing chart to verify shoe length and widths.

      Q: Can these be used for gardening in wet weather?

      A: Yes, Seal Shoe Covers are perfect for daily outdoor activities as they help keep your shoes and feet nice and dry, from rain or mud.

      Q: What is the weight of these covers?

      A: The weight per pair depends on the size
      • Small: 11.6 oz
      • Medium: 13.1 oz
      • Large: 13.2 oz
      • X Large: 15.3 oz

      Q: I have small legs/calves. Will the cover be too wide for me?

      A: These amazing shoe covers have an adjustable elastic band with a stopper to help keep the covers from going down your calves.

      Q: I mostly use wedges. What sizes shall l order?

      A: We recommend checking our size chart to see what would be the best fit.

      Q: Does this shoe covers have a zipper to make it easy to put on?

      A: Get ready to take on your rainy days in style with these cute shoe covers! They do have a back zipper to make it easy to put on.

      Q: Will they be ruined if they are put in the washing machine?

      A: Our Seal Shoe Covers are machine washable safe, they dry easily or you can also clean them with a wet cloth.