1. Measure the length of your shoes, then choose the size which has same length as your shoes. If your shoes are bulky, please choose 1 size up.
2. If you are not sure the length of your shoes, then refer to the size chart above.

Q: I wear a size 9 in women what size should I order?

A: According to size chart, you should buy a medium. I wear size 7 and bought the Small and it fit perfectly over my shoes

A: I wear a 10 and I bought the large. I'd say it depends on what shoes you plan to wear under them. When I wear tennis shoes underneath, they are pretty snug. If I wear anything else, there's a lot of extra room.

A: Medium - I'm a 8-8.5 and I use an S with sandals/flats and a M with sneakers

Q:I have a wide foot. The sole of my shoe is 3 inches. how wide is the sole of the shoe cover?

A: medium size is 4” at middle and tapers to 3.5” at 1” from the heel. In the opposite direction at an inch from the middle of the toe part it tapers to 3”. It fits very comfortable a wide range of shoes.

A: On my size Large the sole is 4 and 1/4 inches wide.

Q: How can I fold my seal shoe covers into its own self contained pouch?

A: Click this link for a tutorial on how to fold your seals: https://youtu.be/JDBdUfydnPM